Well, for those of you who are wondering "What does 'Nerd No Otaku' mean?" and if you know what it means you ask "Why name your comic that?"

Good question. And I have an answer....kinda. 'Nerd No Otaku' means Nerd No Fanboy in direct translation, but really means Nerd, Not A Fanboy. Because as you will find out, the characters think they are Fanboys, but really are just nerds. Simple enough.

Basically, in a nutshell, Nerd No Otaku is modeled after mine and my friends (Josef) real life. Sort of. He doesn't really have 37 speakers, but I wouldn't put it past him. But the whole PS2 gag I made, about not affording any games is true. But I finally got games now. WOOO!

The Cast

He's the guy with the green hair and glasses. He's sarcastic at times, and also the embodiment of the creator. He owns a computer that crashes if you look at it the wrong way, but has 192 megs of SDRAM and a Riva TNT Rage graphics card. He also owns a PS2, Dreamcast, 8-bit nintendo, and an Atari 2600. And yes, he now ownes PS2 games. Finally.

Josef is a l33t haX0r wanna-be. He knows his stuff, and he knows just who to get things from. But as far as any real hacking goes, he's just a dreamer. Now his dreams are filled with Mortars and Stormhammers, and Phoenix Sun tribes. He boasts an impressive surround sound speaker set and computer rig. Also owns a sword that just looking at it would cause one to wet yourself. Maybe even deficate. But I can't verify that.

Greg Dean or John Romero
Okay, he's not my character, but neither were the Rationale boys. Greg Dean (or as josh calls him 'John Romero' (creator of Doom and *shudder* Daikatana) ) is a character and the creator of the comic, Real Life comics. Is it just me, or was that entire redundant paragraph redundant?

The Rationale Cast
Corey, Alex and Sam. The stars from Rationale. Go check them out at http://rationale.keenspace.com to see what they are like. HOOAH!

The Girl In the Pink Shirt AKA Clarice
This is a girl who tags along periodically with Josh and Josef on their adventures in the comics and likes to control things when it comes to her Star Trek Voyager. In real life, you would probably refer to her as my fiance. (Ouch! That slap hurt!) Hee he ^^; And I am -NOT- exaggerating her NEED for that show, either. Trust me on this. It's not pretty.

State Patrol Officer Who We'll Name Chad AKA SPOWWNC
Okay, so SPOWWNC only appeared in one strip (as of this writing) but who's to say he wont come back for more? He tends to be VERY stupid and gets persuaded by donuts easily. Hey, I told you I base this on real life. *runs from the Po Pos*

The Movieville worker AKA The Movieville worker
Yeah, so like he works at every place in Movieville. Eerie, isn't it? I mean, how does he take care of all those people? In fact, where ARE the people...weird....

Officer Joe
Officer Joe. Mistakes gas for his intuition. Which makes you wonder how he's right all the time. I mean, how often does he have gas? Hasn't he heard of Gas-X or Tums?

Officer Joe's Boss AKA Robert Smith
Bob just does his job. And that's to point out that Officer Joe's intuitions are just bodily functions. I wonder how Bob explained the facts of life to Officer Joe.....