The Creators

Joshua Erb :The Artist

Name: Josh
Occupation: Waiter Bitch
Favorite Games: Team Fotress Classic, Tribes 2, and RPGs of all kinds.
Favorite Food: Macaroni And Cheese
Favorite Anime Babe: Shampoo
Name of Pet: Hiei
Favorite Actor: Keanu Reeves (His more action-oriented roles)
Favorite Sport: Football, Disc Golf
Bro Size: 38C (the Bro copyright Seinfeld)
What's on Josh's Tombstone: NOTHING! Absoululy nothing! Stupid!
Where Josh see's himself in 5 years: Having devoted too much time in a WinPaint comic now stands on the corner with a tin cup begging for money.

Josh is the creator and artist of Nerd No Otaku. He's partial author along with Joe, but it's mainly Joe who's been coming up with ideas. Josh lives now in South Dakota and will soon be intergrated into the Nerd No Otaku strip. Josh is currently working as a server where he gets to deal with people. Um yay!

What else can we say about Josh? Wacky. Pure wackiness. Josh is around Joe alot of times to keep Joe's humongous ego in check. Heh heh *runs from Joe*

Josh will probably write another rant soon. So cross your fingers. Untill then... email him at

Josef Jacobsen: The Brains

Name: Joe
Occupation: College Student AKA Resident Drunk
Favorite Games: Counter-Strike, Tribes 2
Favorite Food: Ice 101 Peppermint Schnapps
Favorite Anime Babe: Shayla-Shayla
Name of Pet: Little Mike (lol)
Favorite Actor: Robert Loggia
Favorite Sport: Marathon Running, Basketball
Bro Size: 36DD (the Bro copyright Seinfeld)
What's on Joe's Tombstone: Here lies Joe.
Where Joe see's himself in 5 years: SNL's 'Company's Computer Guy' but only in real life.

Joe is the brains of Nerd No Otaku. Not really, but we tell him that so he doesn't whine every 5 minutes. Joe, in real life, is Josh's bud, and they frequently game together, frisbee golf together, bitch together, and even make fun of those damn idiots at the Ramada. If they both weren't male and VERY (let me stress VERY) heterosexual, they'd probably be married. But they like girls, and the rest of us are damn glad for that.

Why is Joe on the authors list all of a sudden? Because he -IS- Nerd No Otaku. If it wasn't for Joe's initial "Up for some Tribes?" the comic never would of taken off to begin with. And from then on, Joe was the source of countless jokes and slams. But then.. *GASP* Joe started coming up with ideas! Heaven's forbid! But they were damn good ideas. And the peasants rejoiced. Much celebration then commenced. And thus Joe was lifted onto the mighty Altar Of The Authors, and rules the comic with an iron, if not but warm and fuzzy, fist. (Joe: For I am God!)

Joe's character in the comic should be quite obvious. And so are his many personalities: Officer Joe and Ninja Joe. But most of the comic about Joe -isn't- fabricated. Scary, isn't it?

Joe will write his own rant whenever he damn well feels like it. Untill then... email him at